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Rate Limits

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Rate limiting

The Swarm API only allows clients to make a limited number of calls in a given hour. The amount of calls you can make in a given hour is referred to as your "CPH" - "Calls per hour." The default CPH for requests with no consumer key designated is 100.


Consumer Key

A consumer key is a token that applications consuming swarm data can use to increase their CPH. If you are consistently hitting the limit for your CPH, consider applying for a consumer key. The Basic membership is FREE, and allows you 200 CPH. You can request a consumer key here.


To specify a consumer key when making a request, declare a parameter of "consumer_key" in your request (php example):


//set arguments



See Code Samples



Membership Options

CPHs are regulated by your membership level. Below is the breakdown of memberships and CPHs:


  • No membership:              100 CPH
  • Basic membership:           200 CPH
  • Premium membership:     1,000 CPH
  • Exclusive membership:     2,000 CPH


To get started with a membership, apply for a consumer key.



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