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Allows you to get a collection of tweets and their meta-data given a swarm id.





Return Formats: 



HTTP Method(s):



Requires Authentication (about authentication):

True, if requesting a specific user's personal view. If no authentication is provided, method provides a general view of the swarm's tweets. When users rate tweets down in a swarm, they are ommitted from their personal view.


API rate limited (about rate limiting):

1 call per request



  • swarm_id.  Required.  Specifies the ID of the swarm whose tweets you are trying to access. 
    • Example: 1026 (the id for the Social Revolution swarm)
  • count.  Optional.  Specifies the number of tweets to retrieve for the given call. Current maximum is 100.
  • page. Optional. Specifies the page of results to retrieve.
  • order. Optional. Specifies the order in which the results will be sorted.
    • Example: 1 - sorts by chronological order on date tweeted (not date created), 2 - sorts by karma
  • consumer_user_key. Optional. Specifies the unique key for the requesting user and your application's consumer key. This is only needed if you are requesting a user's personal view.
  • consumer_key. Optional. Specifies your application's consumer key. Does not count an API request against your IP address. Apply for one now.
  • format. Optional. Specifies the requested return format. Current the only supported return format is JSON.
  • version. Optional. Specifies the version of the Swarm API you are targeting. If no value is specified, it defaults to the most current version of the API.
    • Example: 1.12 - specifies the major version of "1" and a minor version of "12" that you are targeting



Response (about return values): 

          JSON Object (truncated):











               "text":"This is interesting and VERY smart -- publish directly to Kindle -- http://is.gd/Abc6 ",




               "source":"<a \"http:\/\/www.tweetie.com\">Tweetie<\/a>",


                    "description":"Network analysis consultant, developer of InFlow/ SNA software, network coarch, electronic musician, photographer. Sveiks!",




                    "name":"Valdis Krebs",

                    "time_zone":"Eastern Time (US & Canada)",




                    "created_at":"Sun Jul 13 15:51:07 0000 2008",



                    "location":"Cleveland, Ohio",







          "time_ago":"2 days ago",

          "html":"This is interesting and VERY smart ... -- <a href="http://is.gd/Abc6" title="http://is.gd/Abc6" target="_blank">http://is.gd/Abc6</a>"






Usage examples:   


See Code Samples




Do you have an example to share in the language of your choice? Please share!


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